"Note  -  excellent oil.  I switched because my other oil caused yellow stains in my sheets and I had to get new sheets.   I've used this oil for one year and no stains.  My sheets look new!! Thanks for the super quality oil."

Jerry T., Wisconsin

"I have never found another oil that is as light, as easy clean, and that soaks into the skin like your product. I never have musty sheets. "

Carol M., New Mexico

"Your massage oil is great: it doesn't stain my sheets, towels, nor clients clothing.  All my clients enjoy it because it is so wonderfully light and absorbs quickly into the skin. They don't leave the massage table feeling like they've been greased down!" 

Paul J., New Jersey

"I love your massage oil! Clients love the feel it leaves on the skin without the need for a shower after a massage.  Best oil on the market."

Greg E., Virginia

"I have shared our oil with several of my colleagues who also found it to be wonderful! I especially like the way it comes out of sheets and leaves no rancid smell. Thanks for making a great product!" 

Ruth H., Washington

"I receive lots of good comments about your oil. Most common is the fact that my clients don't feel greasy when they leave. "

Susan B., California

"I like that fact that my sheets are sweet smelling, and stains on my clothing wash out easily. My clients are impressed when I tell them the ingredients in the oil that I us on them"

Maxine R., Washington

"I have been using your oil and am extremely satisfied with its performance. I wouldn't trust my reputation to anything less."

Mary K., Arizona

"We are very pleased with Natural Treasures Massage Oil. We have tried other oils but find them too thick. Our clients report that your oil leaves them less oily.  At last, no rancid smell in our linens."

Theresa C., Tennessee

"You Folks have the very best oil on the market. I've tried many others but keep coming back to Natural Treasures  Massage Oil. Thanks for this fine product."                                

Linda W., Oregon